Elephant Limbo

collective of artists who always push each other to grow.

heart-felt designs


that stay true to our

We are a creative,     


professional innovators

We create

We consider ourselves

It is an honor to charm and influence our clientele with the original custom artwork we create!

aka- 100% believe in teamwork and inspiring 
others through our creations-
(artists after all, right!?)

We deliver a blend of museum quality fine art stationery with editorial design techniques to provide exquisite and luxurious results.

Our unique design process combined with Elephant's Limbo's high level of customer service allow us to offer our clients an 
unforgettable design experience.

We strive to stylishly customize 
life-events of all kinds, emphasizing our service for high-end weddings.

"I love to capture art through a wedding time capsule that stimulates senses and narrates a story.”


We embrace an environment
of confidence and fully recognize the skills there are in our creative network. We trust our friendors and the art process behind the creation of your heirloom. We absolutely love – and work best – when we’re trusted with our expertise!

Simple things we can control – our effort and our attitude — If you’re coming in to work with us, you bet we’ll pour our heart and grow creating art with you! We pay special attention to leading by example and wish to set the barre high for the service.

A universal value- being kind and respecting each other. We believe we are responsible to educate ourselves and to be aware of others.

To love what you do is an art form.
We work hard and also enjoy the
reward of our time, energy
and emotions invested!

Always looking forward with a
big vision and even more gratitude.
Pay it forward, use courtesy,
and help others along the way.

Learning and service attitude

be nice and respectful

trust the pro (s) 

dream big - with gratitude

work hard, play hard

values that we stand for

values that we stand for